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ASKing Advice for Every Decade

20’s ASKs

New Career ASKs
The issue: Who should you be speaking with to guide your new careers?
The tip: Select the right people who have the best insights and experience to guide and advise you.
The solution: ASK – “You have worked in this field for over 15 years and I would value 20 minutes of you time if I could ask you a few questions about the industry and share with you my passion to be part of this exciting field.”


30’s ASKs

Family and Parenting ASKs
The issue: How to balance work life and a new family?
The tip: Have an agreed-upon schedule so everyone knows their responsibilities.
The solution: ASK – “Since I have to work overtime and you will be traveling, can we ask my parents to come over Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3 pm to 8 for the next few weeks to take care of Kristin?”


40’s ASKs

Re-Inventing ASKs
The issue: How to re-invent your look so that you stay youthful, in good shape, and attractive and avoid sinking into feeling older and less attractive?
The tip: It takes time and attention and a realization it will not happen overnight.
The solution: ASK – “I’ve read dozens of health and fitness magazines and I am so over all the infomercials to get my body back in shape. If I work with you and commit once a week to follow your exercises and your diet program, how long will this take me to get to back to my weight when I was 35?


50’s ASKs

Baby Boomer ASKs
The issue: How can you get “the better things” that you deserve at this point in your life like a first-class seat or a suite instead of a standard room?
The tip: The right tone together with the right persuasive ASK will get you much further than bullying or demanding.
The solution: ASK – “I know I booked a standard room, but I have been a very loyal guest at your hotel over the past years, and I would like to see if you have a suite available so I can use it for some business appointments. Can you check if that is available? Please take your time I know that I am very grateful you are taking this time to help me.


60’s ASKs

Non-Retiring ASKs
The issue: The good news is we are all living longer, but the bad news is we now have to work longer and figure out when we can retire.
The tip: Get the right information so you can plan the next 20+ year.
The solution: ASK – “I am speaking with a variety of financial and estate planners so that I can feel secure about the projected time of when I can retire and how much I will need to earn and save. What separates your advice from all the rest and can you show me three examples of people just like me and what you did for them?”


70’s ASKs

Retirement ASKs
The issue: After the last recession it became perfectly clear that all the planning, saving and investing up until now may not be enough to retire the way you always pictured.
The tip: Be open to new ideas that may not have been part of your previous retirement plans.
The solution: ASK – “I’m looking for new ways I can make my investments last longer because I want to retire within the next 2 years. I’m not looking for major risks at this point but can you give me some solid options with projections of how I can get more mileage out of my current assets and retire soon?