THE ASK is your gateway to success for every aspect of your life. Whether you want a more fulfilling personal life, a better paying job, more sales, more money, it all comes down to HOW you ask. I have combined my 27 years in philanthropy, international speaking and writing with my 10 years as a practicing attorney to create “THE FIVE-STEP FOOLPROOF METHOD FOR ANY ASK” as well as making any ASK  with just “Two Sentences and a Question.” These structured techniques along with my intuitive ways I craft each ASK are so simple yet so powerfully effective. Anyone at any time can use these self-empowerment tools to get exactly what they want AND deserve in life with resounding results.

The best part is THE ASK transforms the way you approach life. When you ask you empower. You empower not only yourself, but also anyone you encounter. When you ask, your confidence, your energy, and your determination and focus draw people toward you. They want to learn more about you—your passions and your products, projects, and programs—and, in turn, they want to help you.


  • Gives you the courage to put yourself first.
  • Enhances your career AND your personal life.
  • Attracts like-minded people to you.
  • Creates personal momentum and energy.
  • Boosts your self-worth.
  • Invites powerful and positive outcomes.
  • Stops the second guessing you do in your head.
  • Turns the unexpected into leveraged opportunities.
  • Makes tough to discuss issues ~ doable.
  • Releases your fears and hesitations.


  • A start-up company to get its initial round of funding.
  • A board member to ask for a $1million gift and get it within 24 hours.
  • A fourteen-year old girl to stop being bullied.
  • A couple encountering money problems that were alienating their marriage.
  • An aspiring actor land a role in a major TV series.
  • A junior sales team that blew their sales goals out of the boat.
  • An injured elder man to receive $200,000 more in settling his accident case.
  • A friend who received $50,000 more over the initial job offer PLUS a parking space.

THE ASK is your life’s manual that will free you to have
anything you can dream.



It is my privilege and my service to empower anyone at any age to ASK for what they need and deserve and I can make that happen!