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Have a situation that you just CAN’T ASK your way out of? Or, do you have something you need to ASK and JUST CAN’T? For a solution, this all-new Q&A blogging forum Offers Sample Solutions to Everyday Life Questions You May Have Been Unable to ASK Your Way Out or Into – Up Until Now!

So, Without Question – What would YOU Be ASKING If YOU Could Have a Better Life TODAY?  

Perhaps instead, you need an “ASK Over,” an opportunity to ASK again. Or, a “No Questions ASKED” for topics you are too shy to discuss? What about an “ASKING Price” to help you determine the exact $$$ amount you need, want and deserve?

According to LAURA FREDRICKS, the expert on THE ASK©, the quality of life is determined by the questions you ASK. Yet, the fear of asking is right up there with fear of heights, public speaking and spiders – the most fearful, claims LAURA, is asking for our OWN needs and for our OWN money. 

However, if you have the courage, the inspiration, and the know-how, you can, claims LAURA, ASK your way into having the life you want, need and deserve – by simply knowing how to ASK for it.

So, to help kick-start your best life today, simply click on the ASKING CATEGORY below that best applies to your current situation and/or visit THE ASK© HOW TO SERIES:

MONEY: How to A$K for Money – And More of It

WORKPLACE: 5 Reasons We Don’t ASK For a Raise. Plus, How to ASK For One!

HEALTH: Questions You Are Not ASKING Your Dr. that Costs You $$$

ROMANCE: How to ASK for the Wedding You Want, Stress-Free

DEALMAKERS: How Advisors Court Stars by ASKING for Them

TRAVEL: How to ASK Your Way Into First Class Without an Upgraded ASKING Price

HOME: 5 Questions to Ask Your Insurance Agency Before Disaster Hits

RETIRMENT: How to ASK or More $$$ Than You “Think” You Will Need

RELIGION: Questions to ASK that Ensure Your Sunday Offerings Go to the Right Place

GIFTS: How to ASK for What You Really Want (Or Don’t Want!)

PHILANTHROPY: 1.4 Million Charities in the U.S. – 10 Tips to Make Smart Charitable Choices


Or simply,

Just ASK LAURA how!

This all-new blogging forum JUST ASK LAURA provides “Asking Advice for Everyday Living” with tips, tools and proven best practices instantly applicable to any facet of everyday life – in finance, careers, health and relationships. Also submit questions through any one of the following ASKING CONNECTORS: 


Answers with sample ways to ASK everyday questions will be given in an upcoming post!  For immediate “How to A$K” needs, best to use Twitter. However, if you’ve already experienced one of those “You ASKED for it” moments where you got exactly what you needed, wanted and deserved, then share with us how you were able to ASK your way into living your best life. LAURA will give you her stamp of approval, and profile you as a happy member of The A$K-Masters. 

JUST ASK LAURA aims for readers to leave this all-new blogging forum well positioned to make many ASKS in every aspect of life, to ultimately breathe in an all-new, feel-good experience that allows a way in and out toward receiving more of life’s rewards, both personally and professionally.




Just ASK LAURA how!

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A Multi-Million Dollar A$K-Maker



International Motivational Speaker * Industry Leading Author * Media Expert
Nation’s Top Advisor on Fundraising *  Ivy League Lecturer * Civil Litigation Attorney



LAURA has appeared as “The Expert on THE ASK©” on KATIE’s TAKE where she provided Katie Couric and her ABC News | Yahoo News viewers with tips on “How to Ask for What You Want.”

LAURA’s “Asking Strategies for Better Living” have also found themselves on the pages of popular lifestyle publications such as The Huffington Post, Women’s Health, SHAPE, Self, and The Bridal Guide, as well as in major market newspapers. The Chicago Tribune featured LAURA’s “Easy to Please Asking Tactics” that deliver How To Get Exactly What You Want (Or Don’t Want!) On Valentine’s Day.”

LAURA’s tips, tools and best practices can be used and applied instantly to any facet of everyday life, at any time, from anywhere – in relationships, finance, health and careers.  LAURA’s “Asking Advice for Everyday Living” has also become a topic for TV segments on local talk shows across the nation.

Listeners to radio programs on New York’s WOR, Chicago’s WGN and Sirius XM Satellite Radio have also been benefitting from LAURA’s motivational voice with tips on “How to Ask for Travel Upgrades” and “Questions You Are Not Asking Your Doctor that Could Cost You $$$.” 

In the corporate sector, LAURA’s “Financial Asking Philosophies” have been featured in The Wall Street Journal and in the Financial Advisor IQ, as well as on WSJ Live: Dow Jones Wealth Advisor. She has provided entrepreneurs with tips on “How to Snag a Superstar Client Simply by Knowing How to ASK for Them.”