10 Top Characteristics of a Good ASKER

  1. The ASKER is honest and believes 100% in the ASK.
  2. The ASKER speaks with passion and compassion.
  3. The ASKER is a supreme listener.
  4. The ASKER prepares what to say with how to respond to what might come up.
  5. The ASKER takes the time to ASK in person.
  6. The ASKER treats each ASK as a special moment in time.
  7. The ASKER is well dressed and pays particular attention to body language.
  8. The ASKER follows up after the ASK even if the ASK may lead to a “no.”
  9. The ASKER thanks the person with positive energy regardless of the answer.
  10. The ASKER knows that ASKING is empowering.

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THE ASK© … If you have the courage, the inspiration, and the know-how, you can ask your way into having the life you want, need and deserve – by simply knowing how to ask for it.

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