10 Guiding Principles for Any ASK

  1. The more personal and sincere you are when making your ASK, the better the chances are for getting a “Yes.”
  2. Every person you ASK must be treated separately and distinctly. Avoid making a generic ASK.
  3. Before you ask someone else for money, you must make an investment in your cause first.
  4. Preparation wins the day, so make sure you write out what you want to say; the reaction you think you will get; and what you will say to keep your ASK alive.
  5. ASK your colleagues, friends and family. If you don’t, they will think you perceive others to have more value.
  6. Always ASK for a specific amount and a specific purpose.
  7. Do not decrease the initial ASK amount during the ASK. Give the person some time to think about it.
  8. If the ASK is for an organization, always use “we” instead of “I.” It says that the ASK comes with all the strength and backing of the entire company.
  9. The ASK without organized, structured, and focused follow-up will result in a “No”.
  10. The “Win” is that you made the ASK. Feel proud that you had the courage to ASK for something that is truly important to YOU!

THE ASK© … If you have the courage, the inspiration, and the know-how, you can ask your way into having the life you want, need and deserve – by simply knowing how to ask for it.

Just ASK LAURA how!

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