5 Ways to Turn a Bad ASK into a Win

  1. You ASKED the wrong person:
    Thank you for letting me know. Can you give me the name and information for the person I need to ASK and would you let them know that you referred me?
  2. You ASKED at the wrong time:
    I apologize that this is not the ideal time to talk about it but you know this is very important to me. How about we talk about it in a few weeks when things settle down?
  3. You ASKED for the wrong amount:
    Yes this is a big amount and please know that I thought long and hard before I ASKED for this amount. Let’s see if we can work something out that fits within your comfort zone at this time.
  4. You ASKED and didn’t follow up:
    There is no excuse for not getting back to you, and I want you to know I learn from my mistakes. I am very interested in hearing your thoughts, and I will work with you on your schedule to see if we can make this happen.
  5. You didn’t ASK but assumed you did:
    Thinking back over our last conversation, I realized I was not clear and specific enough, and that was not fair to you. So let me be clear with you now. I am ASKING you for….

THE ASK© … If you have the courage, the inspiration, and the know-how, you can ask your way into having the life you want, need and deserve – by simply knowing how to ask for it.

Just ASK LAURA how!

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