10 Beliefs About Any ASK

  1. Know your own views about money before you ASK others for it
  2. When you ASK for money, you are not taking something away. You are giving someone the opportunity to feel good
  3. You only get what you ASK for
  4. The #1 reason why people do not give is because they have not been ASKED
  5. A person of great wealth does not always give great wealth
  6. An ASK is not a favor. It is a statement of what you believe you deserve
  7. A “No” response is not the end of the world, and it is not a rejection of YOU
  8. A “Yes” response will lead to more money IF you continue to keep the person engaged
  9. Big ASKS happen every day with Big Results
  10. The quality of your life is determined by the quality of questions you ASK yourself and others

THE ASK© … If you have the courage, the inspiration, and the know-how, you can ask your way into having the life you want, need and deserve – by simply knowing how to ask for it.

Just ASK LAURA how!

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