10 Things to Know About Any ASK

  1. Know your views about money before you ask others for it.
  2. The ASK without following up will leave you empty.
  3. A person of great wealth does not always give great wealth.
  4. Asking for yourself is not asking for a favor; it is asking for what you believe you deserve.
  5. A “no” now does not mean a “no” later.
  6. A “yes” can multiple IF you show the person the value of his or her generosity.
  7. Always ASK “Who else should I be speaking with” to maximize your options.
  8. Honesty wins the day, so make every ASK honest and heartfelt.
  9. The ASK is a conversation; it is not a confrontation.
  10. When you ask for money, you are not taking something away. You are giving someone the opportunity to feel good.

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