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THE ASK© HOW TO Series provides a foundation for what ASKING is all about, complete with tips, tools & best practices as the core curriculum for all ASKS. To kick-start your asking abilities, start by asking yourself what type of ASKER you might be or want to be. There are 5 types.

Are you “A Delicate Dodger,” “A Remorseful Requester,” “An Assuming Asker” or “A Domineering Demander”? If none sound like you, then perhaps you are “The Polished Proposer.” To see if there is room for improvement, place a check mark next to the “10 Top Characteristics of a Good ASKER.” 

The dropdown menu also features “10 Things to Know About Any ASK” along with the basic principles and beliefs in what makes asking an all-empowering experience. But, before you make your first ASK, make sure you are equipped with “The Readiness Formula” and the “12 Elements of a Good ASK.” We’ve also included a few “Asking Mantras” to keep you motivated along with “10 Top Tips to Turn a ‘No’ into a ‘Yes.” 

Now with courage, inspiration and the “know-how” readily at your fingertips, you will soon be well suited to ASK your way into having the life you need, want, and deserve. If stumped, click on the “5 Ways to Turn a Bad ASK into a Win.” And you can always …

Just ASK LAURA how!


THE ASK© … today’s all-new self-help motivational series for those who have dreams, goals and a strong desire to have the best and most fulfilling personal and professional life possible.